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Watch this video and more on Green Planet Stream

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  • Spotted in the Woods

    Spotted in the Woods shows the effects of the loss of habitat on the Northern Spotted Owl. This engaging film explores this coastal habitat and its inhabitants. We see owls hunting, hooting, and feeding their young. We see the owls’ role in the food chain and also explore the interconnections bet...

  • Land Animal Adaptations

    Land Animal Adaptations
    The process of adaptation takes millions of years and the species that are successful have developed both physical and behavioural tools that allow them to survive harmoniously with their environment and its inhabitants. Feeding, adaptations to air environments, camouflag...

  • The Future of the Orinoco Croc

    The Future of the Orinoco Croc
    Half a century ago the owner of this Ranch on the Orinoco floodable plains decided to share the cattle business with conservation of the wealthy fauna of the region. 30 years ago the first attempts to breed the Orinoco croc in captivity were made to save this endan...