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  • The Capybara, the Giant of the Savannah

    The evolutionary adaptation in South America has produced gigantic rodents. Including the largest in the world, the Capybara which may weight 130 pounds. This documentary summarizes over 10 years of research of the natural history of the Capybara and includes unpublished images of the biology a...

  • Galapagos: Flora and Fauna

    Galapagos: Flora and Fauna
    Get on board with us on a cruise ship to visit this amazing laboratory of nature. A journey through the islands of Seymour, EspaƱola, Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, Santa Cruz, Fernandina and Santiago. We will show you the extraordinary and unique animals inhabiting this...

  • The Last Wetlands

    The Last Wetlands
    The last big wetlands of the southern Caribbean sea, a marine and submarine park with the most important mangrove system. The marine and submarine fauna make it the great ecological scene of the Venezuelan coast line. Beautiful landscapes and environments, marine birds, the fa...