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Watch this video and more on Green Planet Stream

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  • HUMMINGBIRD Field Guide: Part 1

    Hummingbirds Video Guide A
    Part 1 of over a hundred species of hummingbirds recorded in their natural habitats, showing fieldmarks and behavior through territorial displays, perching, nesting, feeding and/or hovering. Wide, medium and amazing close-ups of these fascinating birds shot originally...

  • FED UP (2002)

    About 70% of the food we eat contains genetically engineered ingredients and the biotech industry is spending $50 million a year to convince us that this technology is our only hope. Using hilarious and disturbing archival footage and featuring interviews with farmers, scientists, government offi...

  • Caribbean Fauna

    Caribbean Fauna
    Four outstanding healthy locations on the Caribbean Sea are the perfect scenario to find the fauna inhabiting the reefs, fishes and invertebrates. Great images of Cozumel (Mexico), Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands), The Bahamas and Bonaire, dives day and night.