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Watch this video and more on Green Planet Stream

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  • ALMA a film by Patrick Rouxel

    Beautifully shot, alternately joyful and horrifying, Alma captures the ecological, and even spiritual, cost of meat, dairy, and leather production in the Amazon forest and the industries destroying it. The film is a poetic ride on beauty of the Brazilian rainforest and the suffering that accompan...

  • Sepp Holzer Permaculture - Farming wi...

    A beautiful fishpond system with its own water power station, 9000 fruit trees and many other plants support each other in this biotope. 30 different types of potatoes, many different grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs and wildflowers are growing just about everywhere: in the forest, on extremely ...

  • Sepp Holzer Permaculture - Aquaculture

    Fishponds on a mountain farm: an unusual sight at these altitudes. On an Austrian mountain, permaculture farmer Sepp Holzer created more than 70 ponds and wetland areas covering about 3 hectares. Aquaculture is about the sustainable use of water.