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Watch this video and more on Green Planet Stream

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  • The Grammar of Happiness

    Pirahã people and their language. The Grammar of Happiness is a documentary that explores whether one man’s journey into the heart of the Amazon can redefine our understanding of human language.
    In a remote river system in Brazil’s Amazon Basin live the last 300 members of the Pirahã tribe. To w...

  • MOVE ! Dance Your Life

    MOVE ! Dance your life is a beautiful, emotional, poetic and aesthetic film about dance around the world. Without narration or spoken word, the film’s primary language is Dance, a universal medium. Take a visual journey to 18 different destinations around the world and experience the beauty and e...

  • Losing The West

    Losing the West is a documentary on small ranching and farming, exemplified by the story of a lifelong Colorado cowboy. Howard Linscott IS the original Marlboro Man, a gruff, chain-smoking 70-year-old who’s been ranching all his life. With sweeping shots of the Colorado Rockies, the film explores...