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Zoo Without Borders

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  • Forest Through the Trees

    Humboldt County’s Pacific Lumber Company is cutting down the state’s most primeval ancient redwood forest. In Mendocino County, where old-growth redwoods are long gone, multinational timber giant Louisiana Pacific provokes a storm of outrage by converting its vast redwood forests to fiber plantat...

  • Galapagos: Flora and Fauna

    Galapagos: Flora and Fauna
    Get on board with us on a cruise ship to visit this amazing laboratory of nature. A journey through the islands of Seymour, Española, Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, Santa Cruz, Fernandina and Santiago. We will show you the extraordinary and unique animals inhabiting this...

  • Red Wolf Revival

    Red Wolf Revival is a short film about the last remaining wild population of red wolves. Centered on the historic recovery effort in Eastern North Carolina, we document the multifaceted struggle to reintroduce one of the rarest animals on earth in the face of cultural, economic, and biological ch...